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Sharing this experience to sanctify HaShem's Name

Sharing this experience to sanctify HaShem's Name

Last week you've published a short video from Rabbi Efraim Kachlom where he has taught us about the importance and effects of reciting Kriat Shema before bed time. I had shared the lecture on my social media.

Shortly after i could see with my own eyes the teaching in real life situation.

My oldest child started out of nothing to cry and scream whist sleeping middle in the night. I woke up and run to the bedroom.

I've remembered the lecture immediately and recited the first paragraph of Kriat Shema in hebrew until Baruch Shem Kevod Malchutot Leolam Vaed.

Immediately and on the spot, the scream and the cry stopped completely still during the sleep.

I saw it with my own eyes.

I've returned to bed, with a grateful heart that what we learn here on this platform is REAL,   TRUTH and applicable.

Thank You for your commitment in spreading the EMET of HaShem.

We recite the Kriat Shema and the 10 commandments :)

Please forward to rabbi Efraim this feedback with my gratitude.

Kind Regards,


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