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Lectures, Shabbat, and Complete Teshuvah

Lectures, Shabbat, and Complete Teshuvah

Dear Rabbi Reuven,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. Amen.

I wanted to share some personal information with you.

Semptember of 2017, I noticed that I couldn’t swallow my Sabbath challah!

No matter how many times I tried to gulp down some water. This seemed very strange…as I had never experienced anything like this before.

In quick succession…every day, thereafter I quickly discovered a new type of food that I couldn’t swallow, which was just about everything!

I always thought that in a few days …it would get better…until Passover.

I was suffering….I couldn’t eat my food normally anymore, unless it was pureed.

I decided to stop the guessing….and find out, what was going on with me, medically.

After seeing a gastroenterologist, he set an appointment with me, to have a upper endoscopy of my esophagus.

A few days later, he called me….to come into his office, for the results of the biopsy.

The doctor told me: I had Esophageal Cancer.

My whole world turned upside down, that day!

I was so angry with Hashem, for striking me with this dreadful disease….that I stopped observing Shabbat.

I just kept loosing weight…because I couldn’t swallow food.

I am down to 90 pounds, at 5”5 tall.

I am weak as a kitten, and can barely swallow liquids.

Everyday, I can feel myself dying…a bit more, than the day before. I literally, “Feel the Sword at the Back of My Neck”!

My brother, took me to a Torah lecture, and arranged a personal meeting with Rabbi Mizrachi, at a magnificent shul, in Flushing, Queens in New York.

I confessed that I was no longer Shomer Shabbos, to Rabbi Mizrachi.

He told me, that my suffering…was helping me to cleanse my soul of all my sins…throughout my lifetime. And told me that I would be cut off from my people, a huge disgrace!

I promised the Rabbi I would try to keep Shabbat, but I found myself too angry with G_D!

Until…the day, YouTube suggested one of your Torah lectures.

After listening to your life story:

I finally found a Rabbi, that knew what it felt like to have the Ax on His Neck!

After listening to one of your lectures about keeping Shabbat, I knew that I had to do complete Teshuva.

I am happy to say…that, for the past 3 months, I am Shomer Shabbos.

Can you please tell me, which Tehillim I can pray?

I no longer have the strength to stand, during Shemoneh Esrei. So, I must sit, during Amidah.

My Hebrew name is: Rivka Bat Sorra Baila.

Rabbi Reuven, I am in great need of a Miracle! Listening to your recent Torah Lecture, I realized that Hashem is not happy with me.

I want Hashem to Heal Me.

Thank you for your beautiful soul and Doing Kiruv for Klal Yisrael.

You are such an amazing Balle Teshuva, and I can’t Thank you enough, for your Fiery Torah Lectures, that speak directly to my heart and soul.

Wishing you All The Best.


Roberta Klein

Roberta Klein

Via Email

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