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Learning about Gehinom leads to Blessings

Learning about Gehinom leads to Blessings

Thank you Rabbi Reuven! It looks like it took a lot of effort to put this lecture together, may you be rewarded for this B'H. For me this is one of the most beneficial talks I have heard in my life. This is a subject that if mentioned people will laugh. They laugh if you say G-d exists, they laugh even harder if you say there is punishment. Like you say though, we should not care what people think but what Hashem thinks. After each talk that you give I find things in my life to change. To study more Torah. To fear and love Hashem more. To think of ways to help others and to honor parents more. I used to think each day of my life was a curse and was starting to convince myself there was no G-d. Now I find each day to be a blessing and am trying to live a life of gratitude. I plan to send you a donation in the next week or two when I am able. The work you are doing is helping change lives for the better.


Via YouTube - MUSSAR Pirkei Avot (84) GEHINOM

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