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Keeping Shabbat and Being Holy Removed Anxiety

I grew up in a secular family that only had meals and said blessing on wine for Shabbat and holidays. My parents and Rabbi in the community never told me how wasting seed was bad. I always loved and was happy being Jewish, I went to Jewish camp and Jewish release program since I went to public school because it was hard for my parents to pay for yeshiva since I was in Special Ed. When I went to camp they told me that if you keep Shabbat, Shabbat will keep you safe and blessing. But it never made me keep Shabbat as a teenager after hear those words from the Rabbi in camp. At age 17 I had anxiety and panic attacks, I was going to the hospital for 2 months almost every day then one day while getting my medication in the pharmacy, I see Rabbi Mizrahi CDs, Torah and Science, Is there Life After Death and The Debate, then I texted Rabbi Mizrahi saying my parents don't keep Shabbat so I can't keep it either. He said that's not a good excuse that when I die, I can't tell them that I didn't keep Shabbat because my parents didn't, I will still go to Hell!! I spoke over the phone, in person and met Rabbi Mizrahi few times in person. After 1 or 2 years I discovered Rabbi Reuven thanks to Rav Mizrahi’s page. I started being in touch with Chacham Reuven and asked him if I can help him return Hashem’s children back to Hashem, for 3 years already I am part of Team Hashem. I meet Chacham Reuven few times in person, he guided me on how to stop wasting seed and how to do teshuva!!

Daniel Khavasov

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Team Hashem

Keeping Shabbat and Being Holy Removed Anxiety
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