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Keeping Shabbat

Keeping Shabbat

Being Shomer Shabbos. 

I am a Baal Teshuva of soon to be 18 years, up to 5 years ago I had a hard time fitting in with the community, A Chabad Shul that everyone drove on Shabbat. I could not understand how this was happening. I have been watching Rabbi Mizrachi and what he said about driving on Shabbat  and I was confused! Then I watched Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shiur and he gave  me the inspiration to be a leader and up to this day I am growing daily  with his Shiur Torah and I am part of team BeEzrat HaShem inc and I am  helping change on person at a time to become Shomer Shabbos!!! Rabbi Yaron Reuven is an amazing Rabbi listen to him


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