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From the bottom of my heart

From the bottom of my heart

Rabbi Reuven, Thank You!

Hashem Thank You for blessing me that Rabbi Reuven emailed me and made my day my night my Purim!

Rabbi Reuven, you have made such a huge mitzvah by emailing me what you did! I have tears! I pray for you and yours since I started to learn with you. I pray for you for all you have shared and taught me. I pray for your family and your new baby boy, Yosef. Everyday I pray for you and yours & many times more than once. I am not interested in speaking of me as Hashem knows our thoughts and deeds. He knows me. He knows with all due respect how much I have grown to love you with respect as a Rabbi for all you do & want to do for so many. And ask nothing in return but Kiruv! This is why Hashem will bless you with all! As I beg Him. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. Even though I was always Shomer Shabbat, after I started learning with you I started to read the Torah Chumash for The Parashas, Hashem Please, now every Shabbat ! I can’t walk to my Temple as it’s very far unless I stay at The Rabbis guest house which many ppl want to also.  I also started to volunteer at The Cupboard, The Dorit & Ben J Genet,  which is a food pantry to deliver for the Jewish families and Holocaust survivors etc. B”H, started being again strictly Kosher out of the home as opposed to eating you know fish pasta salads rice veggies wherever. B”H, now strictly home as always and out too. ( so of course a lot of ppl don’t understand why ..who cares).  B”H, the list goes on. Fyi, my dad, may he rest in eternal peace forever by Hashem, was orthodox as well. He Loved Hashem more than words can say as you . Only ppl who love Hashem can understand this and each other. My mom passed also however it will be two years. As well a beautiful humble G-d Fearing woman! Oh how she loved Hashem. To hear her pray was like hearing the gates open for her. I apologize as it’s Purim and I became a bit emotional now. Just wanted you to know about the most important human beings Hashem blessed me with I called father and mother. B”H, I also have been blessed with an amazing humble boy and girl who are young successful adults that I miss so much and love without words.  ( I have been divorced for almost 7 yrs now .. trust me I did all to save it to the very end and would of stayed just for the kids and family .. 26 yrs for Shalom Bayit . ) Hashem knows why He wanted this divorce. That’s enough for me. Again, pardon I shared this too.

Rabbi Reuven, as you can see I can write you forever all I have learned from you and with you and for you. I pray for you and yours because of all I am doing and because Hashem sent you to me for every and many beautiful reasons.

When you have said many times and you say it many times, how much you love Hashem, that’s when I knew He sent you to me.  As my dad loved and my mom loved and my kids and I love Hashem as you!

Thank you Rabbi Reuven for answering my email with all you have going on and so many ppl needing of you. Thank you for your amazing words in that email. Thank you for sending the prayer for Refuah Shelayma.

Hashem bless you and yours with great health strength and happiness and parnasaah and hatzlachah with all you need and want and make all easy and effortlessly on your part as you so much deserve Rabbi Reuven!

Thank you!


Via Email

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