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Finally an option for on the go!

Finally an option for on the go!

Finally an option for on the go!

The app is great. It works very smoothly and provides easy access to shiurim/lectures and the ability to study Torah.

I have to say thank you to Rabbi Yaron Reuven for being one of the unfortunate few rabbis that actually speaks of the pure, unfiltered truth that is HaShem’s Torah. As a recent Ba’al Teshuvah, it was very difficult for me to see reason in acting on my being Jewish until Rabbi Reuven opened my mind to the truth I had been fighting not to recognize.

Our evil inclinations can be very strong, but with the few ‘Rabbis of Truth’ it is possible to make up for lost time and changing lives from sin towards righteousness no matter what the age or previous mistakes made. Everyone has a chance.

Excuse the rant, but I’m very passionate about Torah and after having all my former doubts addressed by the rabbi, I felt inclined to share my story in the hopes to positively affect other, Baruch HaShem. Thank you again, Rabbi Reuven and the developer of this great app. May it help many more find the truth of Torah and the overwhelming ecstasy of HaShem’s wisdom. Through Torah, we find purpose and the same purpose it’s been since the world was created, B”H’


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