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A child who did no wrong to no one.

A child who did no wrong to no one.

I was born in Israel and my family came to the US in 1962. My parents were holocaust survivors. At the age of 22 I married a man named David, he too was born in Israel. He too had holocaust parents. David was adopted at the age of 6 from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He too came to the US in 1967. In 1989 we had twin girls, who are now 30, Baruch Hashem. In 1991 we had a son, who at the age of 4 months passed away from SIDS. Crib death. After he passed away, I wanted to go to Israel and find out why, why did Hashem take him away from us. A child who did no wrong to no one.

So I started to go to all the graves of the righteous people and pray that my son Adam will be in heaven and be ever resting in the Garden of Eden. I yelled, I cried, I shouted to the heavens above to heal me, to take away my pain. On our way home back to NY, I told David, I need to go one last time to the Kotel, to put my note again in the wall and plead to the heavens to look over our souls. On my way down the steps a beggar a man who looked hungry a religious man, begged me for money he took out his bill fold of pictures to show me all the pictures of his children. I handed some dollars and he said to me: Hashem, will bless you with twins. I shouted to him in pain, what do you mean, I am here screaming in my sorrow that I need healing and twins, twins, look up the steps my twins are in the carriage with their father. He said no, no, you will have more twins. And what do you know, 6 months later I was pregnant with twins. 2 boys who are now 26. So when all despair is gone, believe in Hashem. He counts the tears, he sees the pain, and answers.

How I came to your website was by chance. I work in a Synagogue and I am the administrator. I received a random email from your website and I started to read a story that you published. It made me feel that I needed to share with you my story. I am new to your website, and I continue to tell my children that Hashem is watching over us and never ever to lose faith. I will tell all I encounter how we need to learn and listen to others and never, never give up on Hashem.

Osnat Beck

Via Email

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