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Parashat Shoftim - Biblical Source For The Oral Torah

This week's Torah portion, Parashat Shoftim brings many insights to guide us toward the truth. Rabbi Yaron Reuven brings two amazing CHIDUSHIM in Shoftim: Biblical proof of the Rabbi's authority and proof of the Oral Torah.

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Unfortunately, the influence of the heretics that call themselves Rabbis and don't deserve that title anymore, is so far and wide and they are popular and have a stage to spew their heresy online, in person & books and even others defending what they say & do. If they only knew that their popularity here is going to be their downfall in Olam Ha'Emet they would do full teshuvah immediately. The problem is, they don't think there is a problem and that they aren't doing anything wrong. Those that do promote them and don't talk against them also have a BIG PROBLEM with Hashem that will have to deal with in The Next World.

I pray that all will do…

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