Eagles Acting Like Chickens

Article from: Alon HaKodesh (9) The Winning Perspective

About 60 years ago, HaRav Nissim Yagen zt’l heard this story from one of the mekubalim in Jerusalem that put things into perspective about the Jewish people today. One early morning a man looking to buy a live chicken walked into the farmhouse, and was immediately surprised after seeing the inventory. Can I buy any bird here? he asked the farmer. Sure thing sir, only thing I care about is the weight on the scale so I can give you the right price. Even the big black & white one in the back, the man inquired further. Like I said, repeated the farmer, only thing I care about is the weight on the scale. Okay then, I’ll take the big black & white one and, also, this small white one. You must have a big family to feed, said the farmer, but here you go sir. That’ll be $25 sir. The new owner of the two birds couldn’t believe his eyes as he drove to the mountains with them. Once he got to the top, he picked up the big black & white bird with both hands, took it to the edge of the cliff and whispered in its ear “You’re an eagle, fly”…. and threw it off the edge. Being surrounded by chickens since it was picked up as a lost eaglet, the young eagle thought it was a chicken its whole life. It jumped around just like them in the hen without ever trying to use its wings. Once it was thrown off the edge, it instinctivel