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Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon of BeEzrat Hashem Inc. Feed Jewish Families in Israel During Chanukah.

Dec 1, 2021

The organization has fed 25,000 families in the last year and volunteers continue to deliver food for Jewish holidays in order to meet the growing need.

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, December 1, 2021 / -- This Chanukah, BeEzrat Hashem Inc. is running another campaign to provide help for poor Jewish families in Israel. Once again, the organization is carrying out the chesed (kindness) mission around the country.

Rabbi Yaron Reuven explains that: “the Gemara Masechet Shabbat, page 21 talks about how it’s our obligation to elevate our kedusha during this time...and one of the best ways to elevate our own kedusha is to be concerned about each other.”

BeEzrat Hashem Inc. originally launched their food and clothing campaigns by sending $10,000 to Israel in July of 2020. This was after hearing about the horrific suffering from so many precious neshamot (souls). But the need for more help has grown considerably since the recent pandemic – which greatly impacted the needy.

Before last Sukkot, the organization sent another $65,000 to Israel for food. These additional funds fulfilled an increased demand from more families in multiple places including: Jerusalem, Yavniel, Netanya, and Bnai Brak. During the previous food drive for Rosh Hashanah, one of the recipients responded with the following: “We’re in shock because we haven’t seen so much in this house for a long time.”

Rabbi Yaron Reuven organizes the food drives at BeEzrat HaShem Inc. He is a proud member of the Igud HaRabbonim (The Rabbinical Alliance of America), a national rabbinic organization founded in 1942. His work at BeEzrat Hashem Inc. has garnered support from major Rabbanim.

To learn more about the chesed mission and to donate, visit

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