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BeEzrat Hashem Inc.'s Rabbi Yaron Reuven, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Report 263 % Growth and Support from Israel Chief Rabbi

Dec 24, 2021

The organization announces $500,00 in potential funding to help build a tuition-free Yeshiva, Beit Mussar building.

FLORIDA, USA, December 25, 2021 / -- After a year of rapid growth, Jewish Kiruv (outreach) organization BeEzrat Hashem Inc. announces $500,000 in donor match funding towards their $4.5 Million goal for a tuition-free Yeshiva. The new fundraising campaign is being launched together with the organization’s annual update – which reports a growth of 263% for class viewership.

The organization’s update includes notable endorsements. During the past year, BeEzrat Hashem Inc. received public support videos and letters from multiple Gdoley HaDor including: The Head Sephardic Rav of Israel the Rishon LeZion HaRav Yitzhak Yosef, HaRav Yaakov Zamir, and HaRav Gidon ben Moshe.

Some of the other highlights being reported in the 2021 update include:

• Feeding over 25,000 Jews in Israel, more than double the amount from 2020

• Opening a full-time girls seminary, Bnot Aliyah, in Tel Tzion for troubled teens

• Opening a full-time men’s Dayanut Kollel, Simchat Yaakov in Jerusalem

• Teachings being distributed globally in 10 languages

BeEzrat Hashem Inc.’s tuition-free Yeshiva project aims to bring private Torah education to the public without cost. The project is also to include a synagogue and elite Kollel. BeEzrat Hashem Inc. currently offers online classes and private Torah guidance for free.

To become a partner for the tuition-free Yeshiva and Beit Mussar building visit:


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