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 A Beautifully Illustrated Book With Beautiful Divrei Torah by the Holy Couple Rabbi Efraim and Rabbanit Sarah Kachlon. Whether Frum From Birth or Newly Religious, Everyone can get some chizuk from this sefer, and even turn it into their Short Daily Chizuk to start off their day.

English Books

A Guide For The Baal Teshuva

Guide to the Dangers of Wigs

Attention Bnot Yisrael,
You're being fooled by crooked businessmen who care more about your money than your neshama, and it's time you see the truth. Baruch HaShem, After years of research, lectures and fending off those who tried to silence us, we're excited to publish the GUIDE TO THE DANGERS OF KOSHER WIGS This FREE Guide speaks for itself, with over 60 Interactive pages that will keep you busy each time you click a picture or word, and educate you enough to become an expert Tzadika that can save her community from the biggest scam of the generation. It's YOURS FREE TO LEARN, SHARE, AND BE HOLY.

A Guide To Jewish Conversion

Many of you know the tireless efforts and care Rabbi Yaron Reuven, Rav Efraim Kachlon and the BeEzrat HaShem Inc. team have invested and invest into helping genuine people convert to Orthodox Judaism. For years we've provided our popular SYLLABUS alongside endless guidance FOR FREE to thousands of people, with many successfully converting in the end. As we reach closer to the end of days, where many more people need guidance for conversion than ever, we've taken it a step further.


This guide further expands on what the past guide included, as well as 97 pages of comprehensive resources designed to walk prospective future converts through the basics of Judaism. This guide offers a wealth of details on the general subject matter, providing a solid foundation for your studies unlike anything else available. ALL FOR FREE. Enjoy, Learn, Share and Be Holy

13 Principles of Faith

A Guide To Ethical Business

A GUIDE TO ETHICAL BUSINESS & WARNING Against The CASH ADVANCE BUSINESS Attention to all members of Am Yisrael,
It is with grave concern and a sense of urgency that we issue this warning regarding the perilous nature of engaging with the Cash Advance Business. Numerous Torah sources unequivocally highlight the inherent dangers of participating in such ventures. King Solomon, in his wisdom, enacted a Takkanah forbidding lending money with interest to both Jews and gentiles. Moreover, the rulings of esteemed Torah scholars unanimously condemn lending at Cash Advance interest rates, a practice prevalent even among businesses owned by Orthodox Jews. Notably, even the allowance of a Heter Iska does not sanction such predatory practices.
This predatory industry preys on individuals through usurious rates, perpetuating dishonest and exploitative business dealings. Regrettably, the proliferation of these practices not only harms our own community but also provides fodder for antisemitic sentiments. This Interactive Guide is full of information that will enlighten you with each picture you click. Click, Learn, Share, and Be Holy

Great Poskim Warning Bat Yisrael


Weekly Parsha In Hebrew 
(Rav Efraim Kachlon Shlit'a & Rav Yaron Reuven Shlit'a)

English Books

Alon Hakodesh



ALON HaKodesh (12)--PURIM EDITION Past Lessons Preparation For MaShiach.jpg


‎⁨חנוכה תשפא- ALON HAKODESH HANUKKAH EDITION 5781⁩.jpg


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