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Rav Ovadia Yosef- Chief Rabbi and President of the Council of Sages

2 Shevat 5769 (i.e. 1/27/2009)

A Letter of Support 

I have been brought the drafts of the Responsa "Ach Tov L’Yisrael"- questions and answers on 4 parts of the Shulchan Aruch, written by an expert, a loyal plant, like a jar of the manna, with all the sweet Torah explanations, praiseworthy among the pious, like good oil and of good reputation, giving clear reasons and interpretations of Halacha, the genius Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, who toils to give with full faith the words of our Sages, early and later ones, new and old, to conclude in the Halacha.  Praiseworthy is his mother and his power is for the Torah.

And nothing else is needed to add but a blessing, may he complete the book soon and his wellsprings be spread everywhere in order to raise the Torah and glorify it, out of peacefulness and tranquillity.  May he be blessed with all the good blessings, may he succeed everywhere he goes, and his name and reputation shall grow like the name of one of the greatest sages in the world, with praise and glory.

Rav Ovadia Yosef

I join the blessing of Rav Ovadia shlit”a, and may his wellsprings open everywhere and he spread his Torah. Lots of success, Rav Meir Mazuz

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Yitzchak Yosef - The Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel Head Rabbinical Judge of the Supreme Rabbinical Court 27th Tamuz 5781

A Letter of Blessing

Several sections from the book “Yasem Midbar L’Agam Mayim” were brought to me, which is interspersed with teachings of Mussar and Hashkafa (Torah Ideology) as “from the mouth of Sofrim (authors) and their Sefarim (books).” This handiwork of the Mezake HaRabim, who with his words brings many together, honor the name of his glory HaRav Rebbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a. With him the words of Chizuk and Awakening are happily written, s he had spoken in public, to rouse the sleepers and awaken the slumber to do complete Teshuva (repentance), to love HaShem and to serve Him wholeheartedly and with a yearning soul, to study Torah diligently and strengthen in the observance of Mitzvot, while simultaneously improving their character traits and deeds, because this is the purpose of man.


And we have been told the praise of the author, who left behind the temporary materialistic life in order to engage in the life of eternity, and cast away the yoke of the many accounts which men thought of, and HaShem granted him the privilege to sit inside the tent of Torah, and to sit between the knees of Torah Scholars, to yield himself to the Gdoley HaDor (The Great Rabbis of The Generations), and after some “time, their time, their times” he turned into, with Divine Assistance, a vessel that is full of HaShem’s blessings.

He then started to water the holy flock his overflowing fine wine, especially those among our brethren Beit Yisrael in the Diaspora, who unfortunately are far from Torah and mitzvoth. “They do not know nor do they understand they walk in darkness…” and “since he acquired [Torah] for himself, he acquires [Torah] for his fellow as well.” His words are a cure for the eyes, as they come forth from the Sanctuary, and he berated bringing back many people from sinning, praiseworthy is his share!

 God, blessed be His Name, has also granted him the merit to be the founder of the BeEzrat HaShem Inc. organization for Torah and overwhelming kindness in the Holy Land and in the diaspora, for Zikkuy HaRabim and for strengthening the Torah  Scholars. With him, with a united plan, are two golden treasures, extraordinary Torah Scholars that are spreading their Torah teachings to the flock from our Holy Land. These are the Gaon HaRab Rebbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a, the author of important halachic books, and the Gaon Rebbi Yosef Chaim Mizrachi Shlit”a, Dayan and Rabbi in the city of Beitar. 

This is the path where light dwells, that a person should acquire for himself a lot of Torah, pure fear of God, and be dedicated to the study of Mussar and the correction of character traits. He must humbly consult with the sages of the Torah, and make sure that his hand does not move out of their hand, and only when his time coincides with knowledge, does he set out to teach Torah to others. Then his heart can be confident that a mishap is certainly not going to come about through him. 

Contrary to what happens in our generation, an orphaned generation with people who have not yet read and reviewed their own studies properly, and especially did not serve Torah scholars sufficiently, yet they go out to lead congregations publicly, and step on the heads of the holy nation. Worst of all is that they arrogantly say ‘I will reign”. Moreover, the [publicly] disagree with the Torah Scholars whose smallest finger is thicker than their waists. There are some who even dared to disagree, with extreme arrogance, against the Gdoley HaDor (The Great Rabbis of the Generations), who when they rise even lions are frightened, both in matters of Halacha and in matters of Hashkafa (Torah Ideology), may the good God forgive them. 

Nothing further needed besides for a blessing of the Rabbi - the author Shlit”a, that he merit to make the blessing on the completed in the coming days, and his wellsprings of activities spread even further for long days and years of life in goodness and in pleasantness, a satiety of celebrations ans all the best, Amen!

With the Blessings of the Torah,

Yitzchak Yosef
The Rishon Lezion Chief Rabbi of Israel
Head Rabbinical Judge of the Supreme Rabbinical Court 

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13 Sivan 5781

Important Testimony

In these lines, I am coming to tell about Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a from the U.S, who merited by Divine Assistance to leave behind the luxuries of this world, and merited to get closer to the activities of Holy Servitude, and thereby became as an overpowering spring, and Baruch HaShem brings merits to public with his passionate Torah lectures. Through his heartfelt speaking his teaching enter the hearts of the listeners, and does many more holy sublime activities to bring people closer to HaShem, spreading of Torah and many acts of kindness and charity. 

Now his should desires to bring light to the world by publishing his lectures and the strengthening words that he has said to the public, through his sefer named “Yasem Midbar L’Agam Mayim” (He Turns A Desert Into A Lake Of Water), so the masses can learn it for the sake of gaining greater knowledge. Praiseworthy is he and praiseworthy is his share! He has the merit to do ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’ being rewarded for the merit of mitzvoth of everyone because he has helped many people repent for their sins.


                                                    Nothing further needed besides a blessing because “the desire of HaShem would succeed in his hand,” and may he merit bringing                                                     light to the world through many more Chidushim, “like golden apples carved on silver plates,” out of abundance, joy and peace of mind, and through good health and Heavenly Light. Amen. 

With the Blessings of the Torah,

Rav Gideon Ben Moshe
President of Kollel Mishpatecha
Head Rabbinical Judge in Monetary Law in the Jerusalem Rabbinate

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Rav Eliyahu Ben Haim Hebrew Letter.jpeg

18 Tamuz 5781


To my dear and honorable friend Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a, who is well known to our Beit Din (Rabbinical Court) for many years for his comprehensive Torah activities, may you be blessed on publishing the important book “Agam Mayim” which will enlighten the eyes of the nation of Israel. The book includes various subjects and the foundations of Judaism, which were written in good taste and in an easy way to understand. 


Rabbi Yaron is well known around the world, as one of the greatest to help people do TeShuva in our times. With an extensive life experience, together with his great knowledge in Torah, Rabbi Yaron does his best to bring out Jewish brethren closer to our Father in Heaven, as the prophet Hosea (14:10) said: “Who is wise and will understand these things; [who is] understanding and will know them? For the ways of HaShem are straight; the righteous will walk in them and the sinners will stumble over them.”    


I am herby giving him my blessing that his wells of activities spread even further so he will help many people repent for their sins, and that he may never stumble in any matters of Halacha.


With much honor,


The Gaon HaRav Eliyahu Ben Haim Shlit”a

Head of the Rabbinical Court Mekor Haim

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Rav Yaakov Zamir Hebrew Letter.jpeg

I would like to give my warm recommendation to the holy and great organization called ‘BeEzrat HaShem Inc.’.

This organization was founded in the year 5776 (2016) by two golden treasures the genius and important Rabbis Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a.

The Holy One, may His Name be blessed, gave them rhetorical skills, their mouths speak as great things as pearls, and in this organization, they give Torah classes in Halacha, Haggadah, weekly Torah portion.

In addition, they give lectures on Judaism and Mussar in Israel and abroad. 

Furthermore, they fight missionaries, printing and publishing holy books, etc. 

As we know, how much our Sages praised and discussed at length the status and reward of the ones who engage in ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’ (Kiruv) as they said: “The one who does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, is rewarded for the merit of the Mitzvot of everyone”. (Pirkei Avot 5:18)

And even more, they said (Pirkei Avot 5:19): “Whoever does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, no sin will come to their hand.” And we know how much the Holy Zohar (Shemot page 128) wrote how great the reward is of the one who does ‘Zikkuy HaRabim’, absolutely amazing, and the Peleh Yoetz discussed it at length (Erech Mezake).

Hence, I call out to all our brethren of Israel to come help BeEzrat HaShem, and contribute significant monetary donations to their cause, to help the above-mentioned genius Rabbis so they can continue these holy activities with even greater strength. 

With the divine assistance, they affect many Jews and bring them closer to Torah and Mitzvot in pleasant ways and Baruch HaShem they are seeing fruits from their toil. 

Besides from giving lectures and Torah classes, they publish CDs containing Torah classes, publish Halachic books, posters about Torah subjects, and Kiruv packages containing books and CDs. 

In addition BeEzrat Hashem Inc. accompanies and guides people who undergo a conversion process, they teach and guide them throughout the whole journey, giving them emotional and at times financial support to help Ba’alei TeShuva and Righteous Converts to get closer to Torah and Mitzvot. 

Further, the organization assists families of Avrechim (Torah Scholars) and poor families by having a food distribution before the Jewish Holidays.

And all of those who help and support will be blessed from Heaven with all possible good, and HaShem will fulfill all of their requests for the good, Amen.

I give my blessing to the genius Rabbis, Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit”a, may HaShem give them the merit to continue more and more for many years in their holy activities to sanctify HaShem’s Name in public with good health and Heavenly Light until 120 years, Amen. 

I take this opportunity to bless the genius Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlit”a for the publishing of his new book named “Yasem Midbar L’Agam Mayim” (He Turns a Desert to a Lake of Water) containing Mussar talks about Torah and Mitzvot.

May HaShem give him the merit to continue to bring to light all of the Torah Chidushim that his soul received at Mount Sinai.

With the Blessings of the Torah,

Rabbi Yaakov Zamir 
Chaver in the Supreme Rabbinical Court, Jerusalem 


To our Jewish brethren in every place, hello and blessings,

I hereby come to tell in public about the important organization “BeEzrat Hashem Inc.” headed by Rabbi Yaron Reuven Shlita and his partner in the holy work Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlita, who work night and days for the sake of families of our Jewish brethren who groan under the burden of earning a living etc., and they do everything in wisdom and kindness, in a way that respects the needy's who receive their help, and I personally know some of the dear families of Torah scholars and Avrechim who got into financial troubles and needed a lot of help in every day, most basic expenses, the holidays’ expenses, and expenses of marrying their children B’sha’a Tova and Mazal Tov.

Upon applying to the important organization “BeEzrat Hashem”, they were willing to help right away, with a happy heart and generosity, in the most respected way, without any intentions of profit or publications, as the verse says: “A gift in secret will appease wrath”.

And knowing the difficult year that has passed on the whole world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, may G-d have mercy, many hundreds of families of our Jewish brethren, neighbors, friends, etc., got into financial difficulties and they beg for help, and the little bit we could help wasn’t enough, unfortunately.

I hereby recommend and call out to the generous people of Yisrael, please make a donation to this important and much-needed organization, especially during these days.

May the merit of this mitzvah of charity protect you, and you always merit being the ones who give, out of good health, Nachat, wealth and endless joy, amen.

I sign this letter with much gratitude and friendship and bless you with the blessings of the Torah and a healthy summer.

Rabbi Abadi Yosef
Rosh Yeshivat Ohel Yosef

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Chief Rabbinate of Israel.jpeg

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

With God's help, here in the holy city of Jerusalem, may it be rebuilt soon Amen.

This is to certify that the carrier of this authorization letter Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, (ID#301628863) 

has been tested on the Talmud and the arbitrating Sages, Shulchan Aruch in Sections of Orach Chaim and Yoreh Deah, in the examinations by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, passed them successfully and is able and authorized to rule Halacha (Jewish Biblical Law), as God's hand guides him.

We hereby authorize & certify him with the Semicha YOREH YOREH of the Sages of the Torah and any related rulings.  May God give him the merit to rule the true Halacha and he shall never fail.

This certification was issued on Jewish Calendar Date 13 Adar Alef 5779 (i.e. 2/18/2019).

And as evidence we have come upon the sign,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef- Chief Rabbi of Israel & President of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate

Rabbi David Lau- Chief Rabbinate of Israel and President of the Supreme Rabbinical Court

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Mar’Ot Damim, Family Purity.jpeg

This is to certify that the dear Torah scholar, of good reputation Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a studied to rule in Mar’Ot Damim (aka Family Purity) and ruled Halacha (Jewish Biblical Law) in front of us correctly, differentiating between the pure and the impure bloods and is well suited to rule Halacha to others in this matter.

And as evidence we have come upon the sign on the Jewish Calendar Date 24 of Tamuz 5774 (i.e. 7/22/2014) 

Rabbi Gideon ben Moshe- President of Kollel Yoru Mishpatecha & Head Rabbinical Judge Monetary Law in Jerusalem Rabbinate

Rav Yitzchak Yosef- Chief Rabbi of Israel and President of the Supreme Rabbinical Court

Rav David Yosef- President of Beit Midrash Yechaveh Da’at and a Member of the Torah scholars’ Council

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Rabbi Gideon ben Moshe for Doresh Tov L’

A Recognition of Honor

1 Adar 5770 (i.e. 2/15/2010)

It's been brought to me to review the book "Doresh Tov L’Amo"- interpretation on the Megillah of Esther, written by one of our special scholars in our Kollel, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, who I’ve previously issued public support for his book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael"; and now his soul desired to write an important commentary on the Megillah of Esther containing midrash explanations that attract the heart of the reader.

I know personally that his God fearing is coming before his wisdom, and there shall be a big benefit in this composition to understand the endless miracles and wonders of God. 

                                        May he succeed in his way and merit to write more and more Torah commentaries and new insights, as his pure soul desires, Amen.

With the Torah blessing and lots of love,

Rabbi Gideon ben Moshe- President of Kollel Yoru Mishpatecha & Head Rabbinical Judge Monetary Law in Jerusalem Rabbinate

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Yeshiva Nachalat David, Rabbi

Yeshiva Nachalat David

Chanukah 5769 (12/24/2008)

The dear Torah scholar, Efraim Kachlon, whom I have known for years as one who studies the Torah deeply and merits to write a new insights and compositions about the Torah, came to me.

Now before his wedding, he would like to publish his first book, as the readers shall find very interesting and enjoy it. 

May God bless him, may he find grace in eyes of God and man, and may his future be full of pride and glory.

Rabbi Baruch Shimon Solomon- Chief Rabbi Petach Tikvah & Rosh Yeshiva Nachalat David

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Ach Tov L’Yisrael, Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef.

25 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/22/2008)

I reviewed the book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" Responsa in Halacha (Jewish Law) by the diligent Torah scholar of good reputation, the honoured Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, and I saw that his book is based on the Torah sages and he didn’t base it on his own opinion only. May he merit to write many more precious and beneficial interpretations in good taste, and to glorify the Torah.

With the Torah blessing,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef- President of Yeshivat Hazon Ovadia, Author of Yalkut Yosef

Rabbi Pinhas Zavihi, Ach Tov L’Yisrael.j

Rabbi Pinhas Zavihi Shlit"a

Head Rabbinical Judge of the holy community "Atert Paz" Jerusalem may it be rebuilt soon

Tuesday 19 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/16/2008)

I have been brought this book, The Responsa " Ach Tov L’Yisrael" by the dear Torah scholar, precious as jewels, Rav Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, the son in law of our dear friend, one of our Jerusalem- based kollel's honourable people, Rabbi Chaim Shmuel shlit"a.

I have reviewed the chapters of the book and very much enjoyed it, as I have found them full of wisdom, clear and sharp interpretations and halachic answers, and I know the author, whose God fearing is before his wisdom and he is a diligent scholar. 

My prayer is that God blessed be He, shall merit him to keep studying our holy Torah and spread out His words by publishing his books, out of happiness and abundance. May this book bring much light to the world, and continue to bring you higher and higher in our holy Torah.  Amen, may it be His will.

And to our dear brethren of House of Yisrael, with full faith and belief read this book and assist the genius author to do more Kiruv to benefit the public. 

With the Torah blessing and lots of love, 

Rabbi Pinhas Zavihi- Head Rabbinical Judge and Head of Ateret Paz

Rabbi Efraim Cohen, Ach Tov L’

Rabbi Efraim Cohen- Judge at the Regional Rabbinical Court of Petach Tikvah

25 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/22/2008)

A letter of blessing

I have been brought a few chapters of the book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" written by Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, containing Halachic questions and answers. I have reviewed his answers and saw that everything was written wisely, with lots of knowledge, he went deep into details and wrote very clearly, and the reader would surely understand his clear and bright interpretations.

Its only left for me to bless him to continue writing more and more books and give Torah lessons to benefit the public.

Rabbi Efraim Cohen- Judge at the Regional Rabbinical Court of Petach Tikvah

Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz.jpeg

Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz- Head of Yeshivat Mir, Jerusalem

To my dear friend, the honorable groom Rabbi Efraim shlit"a

I was delighted to see the draft of your book, which you plan to publish upon your wedding day.

I have known you since you were young when you took upon yourself Torah study, nights like days, going deep into hard materials, one tractate after the other, going uphill in glory.

and in the Torah path, you were blessed by the Torah Giver to taste the sweetness of the Torah and come up with new deep interpretations, as I have already witnessed in the past, happy is the eye who saw all of this.
Now you plan to publish your compositions which you dealt with, outside the Yeshiva's schedule, halachic questions and answers which you collected from different books of our sages, and added your own interpretations as well.

Its only left for me to give you a simple blessing, from the depth of my heart, may you add more and more, and we see fruits and flowers from your studies, and we shall benefit from your Torah springs.
May this house that you build would testify that you went in the straight path of the Torah, not turning left or right, and God should bestow his holiness upon your house.

Rabbi Baruch Dov Leibowitz- Head of Yeshivat Mir, Jerusalem

Rabbi Yehoshua David Rosenberg, Ach Tov

Rabbi Yehoshua David Rosenberg- Rav of Kiryat Nordow Community, Netanya

I have seen the composition of the honoured groom, famous with his Torah study and God fearing, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, and the name of the book is "Ach Tov L’Yisrael."

And he sails through the depths of the Torah ocean with our sages, he collected all the beautiful interpretations into this book and made rulings there. 

I have known the important groom, who has completed the entire Talmud several times, and he settled in the Yeshiva to study, even on vacation he studies.  I have discussed halachic subjects with him and have found that he is very knowledgeable and has an amazing understanding.

I give him my blessing to keep up his studies and he shall grow exponentially to the glory of his father Rabbi Chaim Kachlon shlit"a and his household whom I know as scholars and God fearing people.

Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchaki.jpeg

Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchaki- Rav of Moshav Porat

6 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/3/2008)

I saw the composition of the dear Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, who collected halachic matters and interpretations by our sages, which keep us alive, as its written: "A tree of life is for its holders", and knowing the actual practical Halacha is the main point for us, as our sages taught "God has no benefit and delight in the world outside of His four amot of Halacha" and I have also seen the support letter by the genius Rabbi Rosenberg shlit”a.

I give my blessing to the author to spread the Torah and glorify it, and he shall never fail and may we merit sanctifying His name. "A wise son would make his father rejoice"

And for this I have come to sign with the blessing of Torah

Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchaki- Rav of Moshav Porat

HaRav Ohayon David.jpeg

Rabbi David Ohayon- Rav of Alfei Menashe

7 Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/4/2008)

A letter of blessing

In honour of our dear and important friend Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, I have happily welcomed your new book that will be published on your wedding day, Mazal Tov. May kings descend from you.

I chose to write you this letter to bless and encourage you to keep writing in a clear and straight way, through deep research and study of the Sages in halachic rulings in order to shed light on the clarity of the practical Halacha deep introspection of early and later Sages.

I was happy that you wrote and chose LIFE (i.e. Torah), and to begin building your home with success that is in the Torah. As it is said by our early sages "A house where there is no Torah study at night- fire consumes it, and a house where there is always Torah- the fire of the Torah protects it".  I have some comments on the book I told you by heart and I will write them in a separate letter.

I would like to bless you on the blessed initiative and your hard work in writing this book, with the blessings of the Torah and wish you a Mazal Tov.  May you continue to be elevated even higher up in the Torah and fear of God!

HaRav Ohayon David- Rav of Alfei Menashe

Rabbi Shmuel ben David.jpeg

Rabbi Shmuel ben David- Community Rabbi and Head of Kollel Beer Yaakov

12 Kiselev 5769 (i.e. 12/9/2008)

I have seen a part of the composition written by the important genius Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit’a, and it is full of Torah, going deep into Halacha and clear negotiations, with a straight and correct perspective explained in clear language according to the foundations we inherited from our early sages.  The name of the book is "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" and it is good for the nation of Yisrael to review it in order to learn the halachic issues according to their sources and understand the broken down details inside each and every Halacha. 

I give him my blessing to keep spreading his Torah and write more compositions. Blessed is his power for Torah.

With blessings,

Rabbi Shmuel ben David- Community Rabbi and Head of Kollel Be’er Ya’akov

Rabbi Yechiel Bussi.jpeg

Rabbi Yechiel Bussi- Head of Kollel and Gemach Chasdei Zion

Kislev 5769 (i.e. 12/2008)

Blessing and Appreciation

"The heaven will be happy and the land will rejoice" for your beautiful composition "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" - its name fitting it. And even though I know I am a simple man, I came here to fulfil my friend's request- Rabbi Chaim Kachlon Shlit"a, to give my blessing to his dear son, the precious Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, wise beyond his years and above and beyond genius since childhood.

Therefore, I am extremely glad and honoured to see that there is still hope, and that because God has mercy on his nation Yisrael, He plants young Torah scholars that are showing us their strength and desire to study Torah, and make themselves a vessel by writing.

And I give him a simple man's blessing that God will enlighten his eyes with His holy Torah and he will merit to aim to its truth, and in his greatness shall be his humbleness and he will merit to sanctify his body and always pray to God. May he merit to have Divine Assistance and clear guidance in all his deeds and endeavours, especially for ruling halacha.  As it was clarified in the Moharan that the ultimate completion attained from Halacha is to walk with it in holiness, and to awaken the roots of the souls of Yisrael in the Torah, and distinguish between the good and the bad, which is the primary goal in rectifying man.

"A smart son shall make his father rejoice" " Happy shall be your father and rejoice will your mother" May you spread out your Torah to every house in Yisrael, with the strength and merit of all the righteous sages in our generation and real righteous ones past generations.   May we merit to see the redemption of Zion with our eyes, speedily and in our days, Amen, may it be His will.

With Blessings of the Torah

Rabbi Yechiel Bussi shlit”a

Rabbi Ezra Atiya.jpeg

Rabbi Ezra Atiya- Rabbi Be’Er Yaakov

A Letter of Blessing

I have reviewed some chapters of the book written by the genius Torah scholar, who’s sharp and an expert, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, and it contains beautiful interpretations with the sweetness of the Torah, he spent nights like days to uncover the light of Halacha. I am a simple man and not in the level to give a letter of agreement since I have not reached such a level. Nevertheless, since the other genius Rabbis gave him their public support and praised him, I rely on them.

I have read some chapters of the book that the author wrote and saw that he is very sharp and knowledgeable in Halacha, worked tirelessly to bring and organize all of the sources for the Halacha, and his discussions in Halacha are important and worthy to be discussed on kings' tables- kings like our sages, and as it is the actual Halacha, and I know for myself that I am not in this level yet, I only join to the other genius Rabbis in their recommendations.

May it be His will that he never fail and he merits to spread Torah and glorify it, to learn and to teach it with good health, tranquillity and happiness Amen, may it be His Will. 

Rabbi Ezra Atiya

Rav Gideon Ben Moshe.jpg
Rabbi Gideon Ben Moshe Ach Tov L’Yisrael

9 Adar Alef 5771 (i.e. 2/13/2011)

A Testimony of Honour

Its been brought to me to review the Responsa "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" PART II, which has been written, edited and researched by one of the most special scholars in our Jerusalem-based Yoru Mishpatecha Kollel, the genius Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a. He already showed his expertise in his first book, and  as in his earlier work, indeed he achieved in his second work.  He has done a beautiful job researching and inquiring deeply in different sources, knocking on the doors of the early and later sages, and ancient Responsas, until he reached the right Halacha.

I have known him to have his fear of God precede his wisdom, and one who searches for the truth while humbling himself before the sages. Happy is his mother and may he grow even bigger in glory.

May it be His will that he will continue to sit inside the tent of Torah, and bring to light more of his insights and interpretations, which his soul had received at Mount Sinai, out of abundance and peace of mind. Amen.

With the Blessings of the Torah and lots of love,

Rabbi Gideon ben Moshe - President of Kollel Yoru Mishpatecha & Head Rabbinical Judge Monetary Law in Jerusalem Rabbinate